Station Dinner Theatre

Food 028

This is a Roasted chicken with Cranberry Stuffing that Aubrey and I had at The Station Dinner Theatre. We went to this dinner theater in Erie, PA for our 2 anniversary, and we would really like to go again. The station is made up of a train car and a small building. The play was a comical version of Princess and the Pea, and the waiters and waitresses are also the actors. We each had our own whole chicken, salad, and desserts  and had to eat everything with our hands. I really enjoyed it since I love finger foods and well no one can look at you funny for having your hands covered in food at the table when everyone is like that.


Where I love to eat Burgers and Pasta

We are not fast food people for the most part. Most of it just makes us sick no matter what we eat there, now that we are eating better. Strangely enough we have not been effect by Dick’s Drive-In. Aubrey introduced me to Dicks Drive In, in Washington state and I loved it from the start. Though I no longer live near an  In & Out  I love them as well. I find it nice to have a simple burger and fry sometimes. I am a huge lover of pasta and we both love having pasta often. Pasta can be very simple and relaxed or can be more extravagant and Romantic. Either way pasta is a great meal that we like going out to on date nights, or any night for that matter, and we find ourselves going to Olive Garden, Bucca Di Beppo, and Macaroni Grill. It has been a relaxing time where we can talk and spend time enjoying each others company.

Where I have eaten around the U.S

I love trying new foods from all over the place, or creating a whole new recipe that stands out from the rest. I have been to restaurants from California to Delaware, from Texas to Michigan. Most of the time I find the best ones are down home hole in the wall family restaurants, but I do love others that have caught my attention. There are many restaurants that I have been to all over but here are a few that are on my mind right now that have stood out to me. One of the places that stood out to me was Nicola Pizza in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, Fuzzy’s Taco Shop in Oklahoma City, OK,  The Galaxy Steak House (unfortunately it looks like they are closed) and Puka Dogs in Waikiki, HI,